When the Worst Won’t Get Better

Last time I interviewed someone for my blog, I interviewed a college student who was male, 22-years old, and voted for Donald Trump in this previous election. This go-around I chose to interview someone from the opposite side of the spectrum: a 21-year old, female, who did not vote for Donald Trump.

Kate Whitley, is a junior, majoring in Psychology, here at Texas A&M University.

Why did you choose not to vote for President Trump in this recent election?

Basically, I chose not to vote for him because he doesn’t care about the social issues in America and disrespects a lot of people in the process. He’s a reality TV star and has no former experience in office. I feel like he cannot be nice to other people and because he is so disrespectful towards, women, minorities, and basically anyone who isn’t a white male, he has set the same tone of disrespect in our country. I didn’t want him to represent our country because he wouldn’t take foreign relations seriously.

 Have Trump’s first months of presidency gone better or worse than you expected?

Worse than I have expected.

Why is that?

Because he doesn’t take anything seriously. He wants to repeal Obamacare only to reinstate the same ideals and add some things to it, which is a HUGE waste of money. Speaking of huge wastes of money, I think it’s ridiculous that he’s constantly taking vacations and spending taxpayer money to keep Melania in Trump tower instead of moving to the White House.

So speaking of Melania, how do you feel about her as a First Lady?

 You know she didn’t want to be a First Lady; that was never on her agenda. She wanted to be a model and ended up being the first lady. She doesn’t do anything except sell jewelry. Ivanka acts like the First Lady more than she does.

What are your thoughts on Ivanka? Do you think it is appropriate that she has an official job with the White House now?

 I think Ivanka’s more competent than Trump, but I feel like she doesn’t necessarily follow through with her word, especially toward women’s rights. As far as her official White House title goes, I feel like that could be a conflict of interest. There shouldn’t be family members working in the White House.

Are there any things you feel President Trump has done positively since he has been in office?

He’s met with a lot of different foreign leaders and he’s tried to create American jobs. So he’s done a few good things, but these don’t outweigh the bad.

How do you feel about the next 3+ years with Trump as president? Do you think the good will ever begin to outweigh the bad?

No I really don’t think so. He’s going to run our country into the ground and it’s going to make it extremely hard for the next president to turn it around.


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