Melania Missed the Mark

On Monday the White House released the official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump.

“I am honored to serve in the role of first lady, and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years,” she said in a statement that accompanied the photo’s release.

This is the official image:

Now while she looks absolutely beautiful and is dressed respectfully and perfectly for the occasion, I still feel Melania missed the mark on this one.

First, the ring. I understand this is her engagement ring and that because her husband is POTUS she has every right to wear it in this picture. Flashing a 25-carat diamond ring doesn’t necessarily give off the “I am going to relate and work with the American people,” vibe. She should have opted for a more delicate look on her left hand, or maybe just kept her hands to her side.

Secondly, unless you told me this was an official White House portrait, I would have never guessed this was her official White House portrait. It looks almost too glamorous, like a fashion editorial or another shoot for Vanity Fair. It’s just overly airbrushed and overly done. Democrat, Republican, in between, or neither, most Americans can agree that Melania is a beautiful woman, and she didn’t have to prove that to us in this portrait.

I think where it mostly missed the mark is that Melania made herself out to be the wife of a billionaire in this image, when she deserves to be recognized as First Lady.

She has hosted dinners and luncheons at the White House, she has visited hospitals and read to children for National Read Across America Day; no she hasn’t been as proactive as former first ladies but she hasn’t been cooped up in NYC like many people would like to believe.

If anything, and above all else, I just wish that Melania would have smiled in her portrait, like our two former first ladies, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, did in theirs:



Because no matter how big of a ring you have on, what room of the White House you’re in, or whether or not your dress has sleeves, a smile at least says, “I’m up here and I’m trying and I’m happy to be serving the American people.”



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