The New Neighbors Are Over the Nonsense

Months after moving into their new home, in a posh neighborhood in Washington D.C., Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner have already found themselves at odds with nearly all of their neighbors.


“It has been a three-ring circus from the day that they’ve moved in,” Marietta Robinson said. She lives across the street from the members of the new first family.

The most common complaints among neighbors are that the public parking spaces are always overrun by secret service vehicles, the sidewalks immediate to the Trump-Kushner home are always polluted with trash, and the sidewalks surrounding the home have been barricaded off from the public, including residents of the neighborhood.



“We’re just a little story in a cosmic, bigger story, which is the whole Trump phenomenon and how they push their way around,” said resident, and former Democratic representative, Toby Moffett, “You have people coming and going. You have three or four, sometimes five SUVs that are very big and that aren’t from the neighborhood.”

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