The Germans Get Gross

Rose Monday is one of the biggest holidays each year in Germany and to celebrate the festivities a large float parade was held on February 27th. I wouldn’t necessarily equivilate this float parade with that of the Macy’s Parade, however, because from the looks of this year’s themes it was far from a family friendly outing.

The floats took some major jabs at President Trump. As seen in the image below where he was (disgustingly) depicted as “screwing liberty.”GettyImages-645896428-1024x714.jpg

Or another float that urged Americans to resist President Trump as the Statue of Liberty herself held his severed head:


President Donald Trump can also be seen along side Marine Le Pen, the Front National French leader , and  Geert Wilders, Dutch leader of the Party for Freedom, on this float. All three stand just to the left of a blonde Adolf Hitler. The sign on the float reads: “Blonde is the new brown,” suggesting that their actions are comparable to that of Hitler’s himself.




Getty Images

Featured photo:




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