Barron (Kinda) Wins Big



That’s the image that won first place in this years White House News Photographers Association contest. Barron Trump peers out the window during the inaugural parade on Jan. 20, 2017, President Trump can be seen giving the thumbs up in backseat.

Of course, people are hesitant to discuss the image, after we learned last month that president’s children, particularly 10-year-olds, are off limits. This especially came after Katie Rich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, tweeted this about Barron on inauguration day:


Yikes, Katie.

Still, photographers and journalists everywhere are chomping at the bit to discuss this years winner of the 2017 Eyes of History contest, but are worried about whether or not their examinations and commentary will come across as ridiculing of the young boy.

Photography critic and editor of ReadingThePictures, Michael Shaw, asks, “Given the media blackout on children of the president, how far can we go in analyzing this now acclaimed piece of journalism? To what extent is it respectful to tease out the meaning, power and symbolism of the prized scene?”

While there is no definite answer to this question but for now it’s probably better for everyone to play on the safe side. Of course, I don’t think many criticisms of a photograph will come close to accusing Barron of being the first homeschooled Dylan Klebold, but for now it may be best if these photographers evaluate elements such as lighting, texture, and lines, not Barron’s face, attitude, and future.  It’s hard enough being in the spotlight because your dad is running the country.


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