What a fraternity member says…

Following the results of my survey geared towards sorority women at Texas A&M University, I wanted to hear from a member of a fraternity to see what their opinions of the Trump presidency so far were.

Logan Lynch is a senior Construction Science Major, expected to graduate in August of 2017.

Who did you vote for in the 2016 Election?

Logan: Donald Trump

Why did you choose to vote for Donald Trump?

Logan: Because 1. I’m republican and I stay loyal to the party and 2. I think most of his ideals align with mine for the most part, more-so than Hillary’s.

You said “for the most part,” what ideals of President Trumps do you not necessarily agree with? 

Logan: I think that his whole stance on immigration and some of the things he’s done are a little extreme. I don’t think it’s necessary to build a wall on the border. I also don’t agree with how he publicly conducts himself and how he answers questions, such as making out of line responses that aren’t necessarily true but sound good in the moment.

So knowing how impulsive Trump can be, what qualities do you think make him a good president?

Logan: He’s not your typical politician. He’s a businessman by nature. Since he’s taken office he’s made an effort, or attempted to make an effort, to keep every promise he ran his presidential campaign on.

How do you feel about Trump’s treatment towards the media?

Logan: He is definitely very aggressive in his interviews and towards the press in general. But I think he almost has to be sometimes because the media is so one-sided. A lot of the times he doesn’t handle himself the best, especially on social media, but he also has to be to make people aware of what’s going on. I would rather him be over the top than sit back and not say anything at all like any other presidents.

How do you feel about stores like Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus disassociating themselves with Ivanka Trump’s line based on her families political views? 

Logan: I think its unfortunate because I think Ivanka’s ideals and beliefs don’t necessarily align with her fathers.

Do you think The Trump’s have been treated fairly as America’s new first family?

Logan: I mean it’s hard to speak for the population as a whole, but I do think at the end of the day he was elected to be the POTUS, and whether or not you voted for him, he deserves your respect as president and further than that, his family deserves the same respect. There shouldn’t be any distain towards his wife, his children, or grandchildren, they’re their own people. They’re not Donald Trump.


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