The Son’s Eyes Still Set on Success


When President Trump was sworn into office last month he left an empire behind. While Melania keeps her sights on Barron’s best interests and Ivanka supports her father in the white house, Don Jr. and Eric Trump take control and work towards expanding, not just maintaining, the brand their father has built.

Specifically, the brothers are focused on building a new line of hotels, referred to as Scion Hotels. The aim is to bring these hotels to “trendy” cities such as  Austin and Nashville, while offering a lower-price alternative to the previously upscale Trump International Hotel chain, Eric Trump explained in a New York Times article.

Now while I applaud both Don Jr. and Eric for taking the reigns and proceeding with the commitment they made to the family business, I don’t think they completely understand that not every “trendy” city in America right now is necessarily #teamTrump.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler told The Huffington Post, “This isn’t surprising because Austin is the best city in America to start a business, but I’m not sure the way we do things in Austin is aligned with the Trump brand.”

Here are some proposed images of the ‘Austin Mirabeau Trump Hotel’:





This January, the Austin Human Rights Commission voted 8-2, “to recommend that Austin City Council prohibit city government from using any Trump-branded products or services,” according to an article from local Austin news station, KVUE.

Just as we have previously seen with Ivanka’s clothing line, Don Jr. and Eric are destined to face obstacles in their business endeavors over the next four years. While I admire the fact that they could easily sit back and not do anything (I mean let’s be honest their the son’s of the POTUS who is also a billionaire) and yet they aren’t, their dad is sitting at an approval rating of 41% for the week of February 6-12th according to Gallup. To put that into perspective, Obama’s was 64% during his first February in office.



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