Kmart and Sears say “See-Ya!”


It’s safe to assume Ivanka Trump does not shop in a Kmart, nor a Sears, and as of today they want just as little to do with her as she wants to do with them. Following last weeks announcement that Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus would no longer be associated with her lines, and then this weeks drama with her dad’s twitter fingers and Kellyanne Conway’s personal promos during interviews, Kmart and Sears have been the latest stores to say goodbye to Ivanka Trump’s line.

According to an article from Politico called ‘Kellyanne Conway’s dangerous game,’ Ivanka Trump scolded Conway “for dragging her brand into an ethics mess and told her not to mention it again on TV.”

The article also stated that Ivanka had told President Trump earlier this week that she wanted her business affairs to be kept out of her family’s political affairs. Apparently Kellyanne Conway was not made aware of this conversation before she took it upon herself to produce her own on-air infomercial for Ivanka’s clothing line.


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