Kappa Alpha Trump?

(Image: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/4077952/images/n-DONALD-TRUMP-628×314.jpg)

I am a third year college student and I am in a sorority. For all three years of college I have been in one and therefore I don’t know what it is like to experience college without being a part of one.

Earlier this week I interviewed two of my sisters, who both happen to be psychology majors. They, like me, have spent a majority of their college experience in a sorority, and so alike me they know how exclusive each sorority is. You see, each fall when recruitment occurs every sorority sorts through thousands of girls judging based on looks, hearsay, and GPA’s, whether or not they would fit in with the persona of the rest of the house.

That’s why I found it interesting when the two sisters I interviewed this week, who are so familiar with how much of a flawed system Greek Life can be, compared President Trump’s America to that of a sorority.

One of my sisters, Cat, defined it as “in-group vs. out-groups.” In the same way that sororities compete with each other, she explained, Trump sees himself as part of the “in-group of White, Christian males,” and everyone else is part of the out-group because they don’t hold the same ideals, and therefore will never, in Trump’s eyes be as good as his “in-group.”

Looking at my other sorority sister Kate, you wouldn’t expect the recent Muslim bans by President Trump to have such a profound affect on her life. She is white, with blue eyes, and (bottle) blonde hair, but overall the picture perfect American girl if I’ve ever seen one. However she said that, “Even as just a person in Trumps America it’s scary. My muslim best friend was born and raised here,” fighting back tears she explained, “she can’t leave now for her cousin’s wedding because she’s afraid that if she does she won’t be allowed back home.”

So is this what our country has come to? Just as catty 20-year olds shun girls each fall for what they wear, who they da or what they said two years ago on Facebook, have we become a country who bans human beings for their religious affiliations, for the color of their skins, for their ancestral roots?


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