Dumped for being a Trump

(Image: http://i.nordstromimage.com/images/Store/blog/thethread/2015/1_20/donald_trump_ivanka_joan_rivers_apprentice_nordstrom.jpg)

Donald Trump has been president for merely two weeks and Ivanka Trump is already facing repercussions for her father’s decisions. On Thursday the fashion designer was dropped by major department store Nordstrom’s and then Neiman Marcus shortly after followed in their footsteps.

According to an article from mashable.com Nordstrom’s cited their brands performance interest as the sole reasoning for the decision to release Ivanka’s lines from their stores, not referencing any political ties in their statement.

Unfortunately this is one of those cases where Ivanka is truly just guilty by association. Her political views do not skew her abilities as a clothing designer, but they skew a department stores ability to portray and maintain their ideal image to the public.






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