Trump Takeover

Out with the old and in with the new, or in this case out with The Obamas and in with The Trumps. As of last Friday, January 20th, a new family took over the White House, a house that the former first family resided in for eight years. It was easy to keep track of the Obamas: Former President Obama himself, the first lady, and two children. The Trump Family is, however, a little more complex. With two former spouses, one current spouse, five children, and seven grandchildren, let’s turn to the chart below to understand the basic construction of our new first family.


(Image source:

President Trump has been married to current wife, Melania, since 2005. The two share a son, Barron Trump, who is 10 years old. Barron will reportedly be the first boy living in the White House in 50 years, according to The Washington Post.

Second-wife Marla Maples and President Trump were married from 1993-1999. The two had one daughter together, Tiffany Trump. Tiffany can best be described as an “American Internet personality,” according to a simple google search of her name. She is 23 years old.

President Trump’s three eldest children are from his first marriage with Ivana Trump. The two were married from 1977-1992. During the first year of their marriage Ivana gave birth to their oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who is 39 years of age. Following is Ivanka Trump, the American businesswoman and former TV personality, who is 35 years of age. President Trump’s third child and second son with Ivana is Eric Trump, who is 33 years of age.


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