Is our First Couple faking it?



A video from President Trump’s Inauguration a week ago has gone viral and with it so has the Twitter hashtag #FreeMelania

In the first 11 seconds of the YouTube video seen below we watch as a smile turns to a frown, and Melania looks, well, terrified of her husband.


Naturally, anyone and everyone had something to say on social media about the footage captured during Reverend Franklin Graham’s prayer. According to a Snopes article that tried to pinpoint the reason for Melania’s frown on such a monumental day for her significant other, the video footage was not altered as some tweeters had suggested. Snopes did suggest, however, that from a different camera angle President Trump’s glare may have not been directed at his wife, but at his son Barron who was fidgeting behind him. Judging from the picture below, neither Melania nor Barron looked too intrigued by the events of the day.


Of course, this wasn’t an isolated incident in which the active tweeters and Facebookers of the world critiqued President Trumps behavior towards his wife on Inauguration Day. In fact, the day started off by greeting the Obama’s and leaving Melania trailing behind out of the black suburban.




According to an online article from Daily Mail Donal Trump was actually the first president in history to not wait for his wife upon arrival.


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